Why are my photos blurry? How can I fix it? (iPhone)

If you're required to take photos during a study and you notice that your images are blurry, here are some basic and advanced steps to help resolve the issue: 


1.Remove plastic film from camera lens

2.Clean camera, gently wipe with microfiber cloth

3.Restart phone

4.Make sure nothing is blocking the camera lens (if you’re using a case, try removing it)

5.Focus by tapping on object in preview screen

6.Stay steady when adjusting focus

7.Turn off flash (make sure in well lit environment)

8.Use volume up button to snap photo (to avoid camera shake entirely)

9.Adjust yellow exposure slide next to focus square


1.Enable camera – go to settings > general > privacy > allow OTS to access camera

2.Disable any restrictions

3.Reset device (sleep/wake key with home key)

4.HDR set to Auto or Off. Tap HDR at top of screen to choose different setting

5.Lock focus (exposure) – hold finger for a couple seconds of where focus will be (yellow square and text AE/AF Lock appears when focus is locked

6.Enable Image Stabilizer – tap on gear icon next to shutter and select “Stabilizer”

NOTE: If you’re still having trouble, please contact Apple Retail Store or Authorized Service Provider for assistance.

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