Why are my photos blurry? How can I fix it? (Android)

If you're required to take photos during a study and you notice that your images are blurry, here are some basic and advanced steps to help resolve the issue:  


1.Remove plastic film from camera lenses

2.Clean camera, gently wipe with microfiber cloth

3.Restart phone

4.Enable Auto-Focus (don’t zoom, tap where you would like the camera to focus)

5.Turn off flash (make sure in well lit environment)

6.Hold phone steady before/after (a few seconds after) the picture is taken

7.If lens is closer to the object than the minimum focusing distance then it can’t focus


1.Clear any camera filters

2.Set all camera settings to defaults

3.Clear cache and data of camera app

4.If available, enable Anti-Shake setting

5.ISO: choose setting for imaging sensitivity (Lower ISO for more light and higher for less light) or default to Auto

6.Experiment with camera settings and compare results until you find a combination that works

NOTE: If you’re still having trouble, please contact your Authorized Service Provider for more assistance. 

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