How do I set my phone so that I can receive "Push Notifications" from the OTS app?

It's important to enable OTS to send you "Push Notifications" so that you'll be alerted to new assignments or important instructions which will often arrive as push notifications.

Push notifications are notifications that "pop up" on your screen like a text or a calendar reminder does to make sure you notice them.

If you are using an Android device:

  1. From the the Home Screen, tap Menu > Settings > More > Application Manager
  2. Under Downloaded choose the OTS app
  3. Select the checkbox to Show notifications

 If you are using an iPhone or iPad:

  1. From the the Home Screen, tap Settings > General > Notifications.
  2. Make sure OTS app is not located under “Do Not Include”.
  3. If it is, make sure to allow the OTS app to be included.
  4. Swipe to the right to enable push notifications.
  5. Select "banner" notifications at the bottom of the screen for the highest visibility.


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