I've downloaded the Over the Shoulder app to my phone, but my login won't work.

There are several reasons why you may not be able to login to the OTS app.

If the device you're using is an Android tablet, prepaid wireless or has been 'jailbroken'/ 'rooted' you may have difficulty logging into or running the Over the Shoulder app.

1.  If the OTS app downloads successfully, and you're having trouble logging in entering your password manually, try copying the password from the email sent from OTS to your smartphone.

2.  If you're still unable to login after copying-and-pasting the OTS password, there maybe an issue with the device you're trying to use.

3.  If your device isn't working properly with the OTS app, try logging into another device to see if your login information works.

For a list of devices that are compatible with OTS app click here.

4.  If you try to login and get a message to switch devices (see below), please click here.

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